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eLogs For Fleets and Drivers



Fleets and their drivers are under increasing pressure to track their hours of service to meet strict regulations. As the time nears to adopt eLogs for commercial vehicles fleets and drivers face another challenge: Finding an automated logging system with the proven capabilities to help make the process simple, effective and seamless.

Navman Wireless has integrated with Innovative Software Engineering, a leading elogs/DVIR software developer to provide a comprehensive solution that helps automate DOT compliance while providing real time insight into fleet operations.


Highlights For Fleet Managers

  • Web based access to real time logs and information
  • Real time reporting  with flexible search, sort and filters
  • Instant transparency to violations  and driver log changes
  • Monitor maintenance reports, notes and repair certifications
  • Automated log storage and purging of historical data per regulations
  • Instant roadside access to logs for review & inspection

Highlights For Drivers

  • Simple HO
  • S Status control
  • Operational condition logging and updating
  • Automatic driving status, GPS location & mileage tracking
  • Record shipments, trailer info, notes and regulation exemptions
  • Effectively complete inspection reports through exception based checklists
  • Instant roadside access to logs for review & inspection


  • Eliminates Manual Paperwork and Streamlines Operations
  • Improves Communication with Drivers
  • Automates record creation & calculations for drivers
  • Easy to Use, Minimal Driver Interaction
  • Streamlines DVIR Reporting  & Proper Documentation
  • Visual & Audible Indicators of Duty & Remaining on-Duty Hours
  • Real-Time Visibility of Drivers  & Resource Allocation
  • Driver Coaching and Pro-active Performance Reviews
  • Increases Safety for Drivers and Others  
  • Effectively Manages Trip Information
  • Reduces Risk for Audits with Violation Notifications