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There are many choices in today’s fleet Tracking industry. Many small and medium sized businesses are seeking ways to reduce fleet cost by understanding where the facts behind their costs. Unfortunately, employees can needlessly increase costs with long lunch breaks, or operating a company vehicle on the side or after work, which makes owning a fleet of vehicles even more expensive.  The highest costs in a small business with a fleet of vehicles are typically payroll and vehicle expenses.  Each of these costs takes a large toll out of bottom line profits, so why not start lowering your fleet’s operating costs by utilizing GPS Tracking Systems.



The ST-2500 GPS Fleet Tracking Software is a Real-Time, 100% Web-Based System. A customizable platform gives you the results you need to reduce fleet cost. This is the latest in GPS Fleet Tracking Software technology. Small, compact design, allows you to receive large cost savings for your fleet. With a Low Monthly cost with all the features you need to manage your fleet.


ST-2500 with Dispatch

Do you need to know where your drivers are and when they will arrive at a customer’s location? Give you drivers the added advantage of a turn by turn Garmin interface. Plan the route for the day, or send message of new stop during the day. All the same functions and features and the standard ST-2500.



Small business owners now can get the same real-time data that comes with the bigger, more costly systems. The ST-400 offers a full feature GPS Tracking System, but without the costly installation charges associated with other GPS Tracking System. Just plug it into any vehicle’s OBDII plug and you are ready to track your fleet.



The ST-300 is a small, self- contained real-time GPS Tracking System that allows parents to travel with their child. 30 second updates are standard. Speeding alerts and full reports are included in this device that plugs into your OBDII connector of your vehicle. 100% Web-based makes it easy to use.



The ST-1500 Trailer Temperature monitoring  provides businesses with temperature monitoring for Refer Trailers. Now you can tracking as well as monitor inside temperature with one system. With 30 second updates with temperature will provide you with the added peace of mind for your cold hauling needs.



The ST-312 is a small, self contained, Real-Time GPS Tracking unit with a battery back built in. Made of high impact plastic and waterproof to up to 5 feet underwater, this device can take the everyday punishment of the trailer tracking industry. You can now track your heavy equipment or fleet trailers with this compact device. Real-time 30 Minute updates when you asset is moving. This unit helps prevent theft of work site equipment. With its full reporting capability, you have all the data from the past 6 months at your finger tip. This devices will give your company the advantage it needs to complete in the over the road/long haul industry. Lower your insurance rates and increase your recovery of stolen property.


The ST-50 is a small, self contained, 5 year battery operated, GPS Tracking System for non-powered assets. You now can track containers, or fleet trailers, with this long life battery unit. With up to five years of battery life with once a day locates, you will know where your equipment is located every day. Helps prevent theft of work site equipment. Lower your insurance rates and increase your recovery of stolen property.