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GPS Fleet Tracking – With Dispatch

ST-2500 – GPS Fleet Tracking System – With Dispatch


Safety Track’s GPS Fleet Management and Garmin Personal Navigation Device (PND) option for In-vehicle Tracking, Dispatching, Messaging Services, and turn-by-turn Voice Navigation.


Dispatch. Communicate. Navigate.


Plan your day with ease. Managers and dispatchers can setup each driver’s daily jobs to be displayed on the in-vehicle Garmin.

  • Send a single location or address to a mobile
  • Send daily itineraries to one or all mobiles
  • View up-to-date overview on status of jobs assigned to your vehicles
  • View jobs through the filter feature for a fleet, single vehicle or the status of a vehicle
  • Re-route or change vehicle route when new jobs are created
  • View traffic in order to gauge accurate estimated arrival time for each job

Communicate instantly with your vehicle via two-way messaging on the Garmin display.

  • Send and receive messages with your drivers through the Garmin device
  • Create instant routes or instructions with messages
  • The driver accepts or decline jobs through the messaging system
  • Re-route your vehicle
  • View job and message status

Navigate safely and accurately to each job to help ensure better operations and optimize customer service.

  • Automatic voice guided turn-by-turn directions
  • Ability to accurately change job order based on proximity of current location
  • Receive accurate estimated time of arrivals
  • Change your route or directions to avoid traffic or troubled areas

Notification sent back to the dispatcher when destination is reached.


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