[qk_service title=”GPS Fleet Tracking” image=”9″ link=”https://safetytrackofmichigan.com/gps-tracking-sytem/fleet-tracking-system/”]– 30 Second Updates
– Driver Scorecards
– Posted Speed Alerts
– Dispatch Capable
– Maintenance Alerts[/qk_service]


– Insurance Rate Increasing?
– Want to Lower Payroll
– Increase Customer Satisfaction

[qk_service title=”GPS Asset Tracking” image=”372″ link=”https://safetytrackofmichigan.com/gps-trailer-tracking/”]– Real Time Trailer Tracking
– Battery Asset Tracking
– Temperature Monitoring
– Satellite Tracker
– Solar Powered Satellite Tracker[/qk_service]

Clients Testimonials

[qk_testimonial][qk_testimonial_item name=”Chris” job=”Brighton ServPro – Director of Safety & Training”]Chris came to Safety Track needing a way to manage his fleet of 25 sales and work vehicles. Safety Track’s System was installed and gave Chris the added data he needs to manage his fleet more effectively. Hours of operation, maintenance, start/stop reports have provided ServPro of Brighton and way to maximize they fleet performance. [/qk_testimonial_item][qk_testimonial_item name=”Gary” job=”Pointe Dairy – Transportation Director”]We’ll be able to reduce fuel cost and document that the work was finished on a certain date. With the Safety Track System it gives us the means of producing reports for our customers showing that the works was finished.[/qk_testimonial_item][qk_testimonial_item name=”Jay” job=”Brendal Septic”]Waterford business that had outgrown their national fleet provider. Jay was tried of not getting people out to his fleet to take care of his concerns. Safety Track swap out his “national” provider and gives Brendal the knowledge of being taken care of by a local GPS provider.[/qk_testimonial_item][qk_testimonial_item name=”Management” job=”Parkway Services”]Parkway Service in Ypsilanti had an immediate need. Seasonal growing business needed the flexibility of a local service provider.
Added the Safety Track System to their fleet. Problem solved.
[/qk_testimonial_item][qk_testimonial_item name=”Tony” job=”AS Contrera Heating and Cooling”]A growing heating and cooling business in Warren came to Safety track and wanted to lower their monthly tracking cost. Safety Track provided a means to accomplish that. Local service and support, plus lower cost gave AS Contrera what they needed.[/qk_testimonial_item][/qk_testimonial]

About us and our priorities

Safety Track of Michigan was founded in 2002 and has been a national wholesaler and direct supplier of Fleet and Asset Tracking to businesses and individuals. We are your one stop source for GPS tracking as we provide the best solution and application to fit you or your company’s needs. Our company can manage your assets via our web application or through the use of a software application. Safety Track is a comprehensive and proven solutions provider for the remote fleet management industry. We have deployed applications for thousands of customers around the world since 2002.

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Why us?

A remote fleet management application is a complex system that has many hardware, communications and software components that need to be integrated in order to work, be reliable and last a long time. To implement a GPS solution successfully, you need a partner that understands your unique needs, have the industry knowledge and technological expertise to solve your problems.