Battery life has always been the Achilles Heel of the Trailer or Non-Powered Asset Tracking Industry. Companies say they have a 5 year battery tracker, only to find out that MAYBE you get 3 years before the warning comes across your screen, low battery. now this will never be an issue.

Because things are changing for the good.

With the release of Safety Track of Michigan’s ST-1300 Solar Powered Satellite Asset Tracker, we may have seen for replacing batteries every 4 years or throwing the device away, a thing of the past. Think of the man hours saved with this device. if you had 200 battery units in the field and had to change the battery every 3-4 years, the man hours just add up. Find the device. Remove the device. switch batteries. If you had 1.5 hours into this project, you would have 350 man hours to replace batteries alone.

With its built-in Solar Panels and its rechargeable lithium ni-cad batteries, the life cycle of the ST-1300 is now over 10 years. You can ping once a day or if you need more, you can ping up to every 10 minutes. This will effect the battery life and recovery rate.

Using only Satellite communication gives this device a whole new place in the non-powered asset tracking application. have you ever dropped off a trailer and took forever to remember the location, or go back to find the trailer missing. The cost of replacement trailers could be very costly.

Industries effected by this new device:

  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Offshore Oil
  • Trans Atlantic Shipping
  • Asian-Pacific Shipping
  • Texas Oilfields
  • Trailer drop off

Places where typical cell signal have never been strong. Now it doesn’t matter.

Customization of pings can give your company exactly what it needs.

Check out the link for more information on this device.

ST-1300 Solar Powered Satellite Asset Tracker

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