GPS Asset Tracking

      In today’s logistics market, there comes a time when your customer asks you, “Where is my delivery?” Now you can answer him with real-time data on the location and distance the cargo is from his facility. Safety Track’s GPS Trailer Tracking solutions are unequaled in today’s market. With up to 10-year battery life or 30-minute real-time tracking updates, while the unit is moving, you will always know where your trailers are located.

The ST- 1500 provides businesses with state of art temperature monitoring for Refer Trailers. Now you can track as well as monitor inside temperature with one system. With the 24-hour call center, that provides you with the added peace of mind for your cold hauling needs.

ST-1000 Satellite Asset Tracker

The St-1000 is a small compact satellite tracking unit. Runs on 4 lithium Ion batteries and will give you over 3 years of tracking usage with 1 location a day. Low start-up cost and low month data plan makes this a workhorse for your company. Add the hardwire attachment and you will never need to replace the batteries.

ST-1300 Solar-Powered Satellite Asset Tracker

Now you can get the Satellite Coverage of the ST-1000 AND the ability to not have to change batteries in an asset tracker with this solar-powered asset tracker. Imagine not worrying about changing batteries in your 1000 unit fleet. What would that save you in time and man-hours? Tested to over 8 years of tracking life.

The ST-312 combines the best of both worlds. Real-time tracking when the unit is moving, with 30-minute updates, watch your trailer move real-time on the map, for a fraction of the cost of a real-time tracking unit. When disconnected from the power source, it has a 7-day battery life and will give you the last known position. Waterproof design, this unit will outlast your trailer.

ST-60 Fleet Inventory Control Tracking

The ST-60 is a small and compact GPS Trailer Tracking unit is made of high impact plastic. It is able to resist wear and tear of today’s trailer/asset market with up to a 5-year battery life. Locate your asset up to 3 times a day for easy retrieval or inventory purposes. The ST-60 can be placed horizontally or vertically on either the container or vehicle. No more lost equipment.