Trailer Temperature Monitoring

The ST-1500  is a Trailer Temperature Monitoring device that provides real-time temperature monitoring on refrigerated trailers along with continuous fleet tracking. It was specifically designed and developed for the Refrigerated Transport Fleets. The system offers a large suite of temperature reporting, monitoring and alerting tools. Temperature alert notifications are generated when the container temperature exceeds a specified high or low threshold, each determined by the end-user.

     The ST-1500 provides fleet managers with tracking data in real-time. See current location, stationary or moving,  speed, and geofence alerts.

30-second updates are standard, giving you all the information you need to manage your trailer fleet!


  • Increased response and accuracy of critical temperature data
  • Real-Time logistical monitoring and tracking
  • Reduce shrinkage and spoilage problems
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Lower cost of waste
  • Improved driver awareness
  • Enhanced customer service and brand value


  • On-Demand locating
  • Real-Time temperature data
  • High/Low set temperature alerts
  • Power loss alerts
  • Temperature On/Off controller
  • Bread crumb trail
  • Alert Management
  • Automated Geo-fence notifications
  • Industrial strength, water-resistant, body


  • Food quality/HACCP reports
  • Track temperature and filter results by times and locations
  • Geo-fence entrance and exit
  • High alerts
  • Critical High alerts