Elderly Parent & Teen Tracking


The ST-300 is a small, self- contained real-time GPS tracker. Parents now can ride along child or parent. Know where they are at anytime.  Give them the sense of freedom.  30 second updates are standard. Speeding alerts and full reports are included in this device. Simple Plug and Play design, that plugs into your OBDII connector.


Traffic crashes are the leading cause of teen fatalities, accounting for 44% of teen deaths in the U.S. The National Safety Council sees the issue as a national crisis.

  • Reduce teen drivers’ exposure to risk with the ST-300 Teen Tracking unit
  • Modify risky driving behavior
  • Develop driver skills and experience
  • Keep an eye on elderly loved ones


With the ST-300 Elderly Parent & Teen Tracking unit, you are driving with your child all the time. Use it to discuss drive habits and correct poor driving decisions before they become costly.


  • Speed Alerts: With the ST-300 Teen Tracking unit. Messages can be sent directly to your cell phone as a text message. Know instantly when your child is speeding.
  • Geofence Alerts: Know when you child leave a certain area
  • Idle Alert: when the vehicle had idle over a specific time period
  • Odd Hours: Driving outside of normal drive times


With the ST-300 mapping system gives you the ability to see where your loved one has gone and how long they stayed at any location. This Tracking System lets you actually see  how they drive the vehicle.


With the ST-300 Tracking Deviceyou get 180 days of vehicle history. Playback a single day to see the route they drove.

Locate the vehicle to help them with directions.