Solar Powered Satellite Asset Tracker

The ST-1300 Solar Powered Satellite Asset Tracking Unit is a highly reliable, self-contained, environmentally hardened Device for all your worldwide Asset Tracking applications. It uses a patented Satellite Communication System to provide a robust, easy to use GPS Asset Tracking answer for the lowest cost in the industry. This self-contained unit has integrated antennas and a long life primary battery, plus a worldwide coverage area. No longer will you have to go and replace batteries in your asset tracking device.

Peace of Mind now come in a small, Rechargeable Package. Manage your fleet and know that you will not have to go into the field to change batteries.

Great for these Industries:

  1. Mining
  2. Forestry
  3. Oil Exploration
  4. TransAtlantic Shipping
  5. Worldwide Shipping
  6. Used by the US Government

Solar Powered Satellite Asset Tracker – Benefits

  • Built-in Solar Panels for Long Life
  • Built-in rechargeable NiMH batteries (non-replaceable)
  • Over 8 years of Tracking
  • High Impact Plastic Design
  • Weather Resistant
  • View Large Inventory of Trailers/Containers
  • Low Start-Up Cost
  • Low Monitoring Cost
  • Spec Sheet

Solar Powered Satellite Asset Tracker – Mapping

The ST-1300 uses the latest Satellite Technology to provide you with a range of coverage that is offered by no other GPS Asset Tracking System. A long life battery system with the ability to recharge its self and provides you with up to 8 years of usage for better peace of mind. Great for containers and equipment. Trailers can be tracked by movement or at a specific time during the day.

Solar Powered Satellite Asset Tracker

See all of your assets on one, easy to use, web page. Log in from any internet-connected device. Manage all of your alerts and be notified via SMS, emails, or by phone.

Call today to see how a Solar Powered Satellite Asset Tracker Can save you money.