Top Selling GPS Fleet Inventory Control Tracker


The ST-50 is a powerful GPS Battery Asset Tracker that has up to 5 years of battery life.  Simply attach the ST-50 to your large, non powered, assets including equipment, trailers, or machinery using either a strong adhesive pad, or tiny included screws and you are ready to begin tracking.

The ST-50 provides 1 or 2 pings a day, that allows you to locate your equipment. Prevent stolen work site equipment, decrease your insurance rates, and greatly increase the likelihood of recovering stolen property using the ST-50.


  • 1-2 Daily Location Pings
  • Customizable settings – Just ask!
  • Alerts
  • Internal Antenna (GPS/cellular)
  • Low Cost Start up
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Monitoring Plans as Low as  $109.95 per year


  • Location by vivid color map, satellite imagery and address;
  • Online Reports;
  • Asset locating near specified customers;
  • Detailed history of activity for previous 6 months
  • Stolen equipment easily returned.


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